IHS Dissertation Workshop

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Are you in the midst of or about to start your PhD dissertation? IHS is here to help!

Whether you’re trying to narrow down possible topics or already writing a first draft (or two… or three), the online IHS Dissertation Workshop offers the help you need to stand out.

In this interactive 90 minute online session the professor will provides tips, advice and guidance on whether your dissertation topic asks relevant and novel questions.

But more importantly, during the following breakout sessions, you’ll have the have the opportunity to discuss your own topic (submitted in advance) one-on-one with a scholar with an interest in your field.

If you’re just beginning, you’ll have the opportunity to have your ideas pre-vetted so you can approach your dissertation advisor with a focused selection of possible topics and make the most of your future discussions.

If you’ve already started, you’ll receive constructive criticism on your current proposal or topic from a fresh set of eyes and perspective from someone outside your institution. You’ll see where the weaknesses in your questions lie and what needs to be strengthened and further refined.

The workshop is open to students currently enrolled in PhD programs working on liberty-advancing themes. Submission of a thesis topic or a general statement about what questions you want to peruse is required in order match your area of interest with someone from our network of scholars.

The workshop will be held on October 8.