Public Writing Webinar Series

As you’ve no doubt discovered, in graduate school, your future success as a scholar will depend a lot on your writing abilities. In particular, your skills and understanding of the editing, presentation and publishing process.

The first thing you should know are the differences between how you craft articles for journals as opposed to preparing papers to be presented at conferences. And learning healthy and productive ways to think about the process from inception to presentation  or publication. That is what will be covered in these two 45-minute live stream sessions with IHS’ own Dr. Bill Glod:



Getting A Paper Accepted To A Conference

November 17, 4 - 5 PM EST

Preparing papers for conferences requires a vastly different approach than those prepared for journals. This webcast will provide tips and advice on the academic processes associated with preparing papers for conferences by going over what you need to do to break down, step-by-step an often complex and intimidating subject into its essential parts and speaking about them.

Getting A Paper Accepted To A Journal

November 20, 4 - 5 PM EST

Preparing articles for academic journals is an art unto itself, but one that must be mastered completely if you are to succeed in the world of academia. (After all, they don’t say publish or perish for nothing.) In this webcast you’ll learn the skills that help you answer basic questions like, “What should I write about?” to more complex ones like “If I’m at X stage of completion, what action should I take?” and “Where should I send my projects and what should I expect in return?”