Foundations of Liberty: The Rule of Law
June 12-15 ● Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA area

On the one hand, we all want our individual liberties and freedom to lead fruitful, productive lives. But being a community of individuals, we also need laws to guarantee those freedoms. But how much is enough and at what point is it too much?

Foundations of Liberty: The Rule of Law

Bryn Mawr College is one the nation’s top private colleges just ten miles from the cradle of liberty: Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In this bucolic setting you will be exposed to lively lectures and engaging discussions on law.

But when you’re not sparring colleagues on the legal nuances of liberty we strongly suggest checking out local eateries in downtown Bryn Mawr. Or, hopping on a train (or driving if you have your own wheels) to the heart of Philadelphia where you can walk the streets that Ben Franklin and his fellow libertarians walked or take in exhibits at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Or, if you’re up for an original gastronomic experience, chow down an original cheesesteak sandwich or a soft pretzel. (You’re free to do as you like.)

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