John Majewski: Understanding the World through History
Susan Love Brown on What Makes Society Thrive
David Schmidtz
Women, Classical Liberalism, and IHS
John Majewski: Understanding the World through History
Susan Love Brown on What Makes Society Thrive
David Schmidtz Story
Women, Classical Liberalism, and IHS
IHS at 60
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IHS at 60: Advancing the Ideas

of the Good Society

For 60 years, IHS has advanced the classical liberal intellectual tradition. Our work has had a human impact: The scholars we’ve supported and partnered with over the years have taught millions of students, inspired new thinking, and brought society closer to the classical liberal vision of the good society—a society that is just, pluralistic, and free. 

To celebrate our 60th anniversary, we’re sharing stories of innovative scholars IHS has supported in the past and is supporting now. We’re also issuing ourselves a challenge: Over the next four years, we aim to support and partner with scholars 25,000 times. 

Despite the impact IHS has had since our founding in 1961, there is so much more to do to advance the intellectual exploration of liberty, justice, and equality. With this year’s “IHS at 60” campaign, we’re telling stories from our past to help illuminate the path forward.

Is rule of law a myth? Find out on this episode of Ideas in Progress as Anthony Comegna speaks with Prof. John Hasnas about his famous summer seminars lecture and how it came to be.

IHS at 60 Stories

Liberty is for Everyone: Brandon Davis on How We Can Restore Trust in Our Institutions

A major focus of his research examines the effects of carceral contact on well-being and political participation in poor and minority neighborhoods…

History in Narratives with Richard Bell

Stories are tools that capture history in ways that relate to our own experiences. Richard Bell, professor of history at the University of Maryland, has harnessed stories that spotlight…

Randall Holcombe on Public Choice and Classical Liberal Community

When Holcombe takes a step back, one common element of IHS programs that stands out to him is the community of scholars. For him, the most rewarding part of IHS…

The Spontaneous Order of the Family with Lauren Hall

Lauren Hall, professor and chair of political science at the Rochester Institute of Technology and IHS Senior Fellow, has devoted much of her career to trying to understand the self-organizing…

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