James Buchanan
Don Lavoie’s Legacy
James Buchanan Story

“We true liberals are failing to save the soul of classical liberalism,” wrote James M. Buchanan, the Nobel-prize-winning economist.

and the Soul of Classical
James Buchanan
Don Lavoie’s Legacy

A student of Israel Kirzner, Don Lavoie was a central figure in the modern
revival of the Austrian school of economics.

of Academic Life
Cultivating the Virtues
Don Lavoie’s Legacy:
IHS at 60
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IHS at 60: Advancing the Ideas

of the Good Society

For 60 years, IHS has advanced the classical liberal intellectual tradition. Our work has had a human impact: The scholars we’ve supported and partnered with over the years have taught millions of students, inspired new thinking, and brought society closer to the classical liberal vision of the good society—a society that is just, pluralistic, and free. 

To celebrate our 60th anniversary, we’re sharing stories of innovative scholars IHS has supported in the past and is supporting now. We’re also issuing ourselves a challenge: Over the next four years, we aim to support and partner with scholars 25,000 times. 

Despite the impact IHS has had since our founding in 1961, there is so much more to do to advance the intellectual exploration of liberty, justice, and equality. With this year’s “IHS at 60” campaign, we’re telling stories from our past to help illuminate the path forward.

Our celebration of our 60th anniversary marches on. This episode we have a special guest whose history goes way back with IHS, Professor Larry White joins us to chat about his relationship with IHS dating back to the 1970s. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this half-hour trip to the Menlo Park days of IHS.

IHS at 60 Stories

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The Mentorship Mantras of David Schmidtz

“Who was this person who was sticking flyers in random graduate students’ boxes?” Tomasi recalls asking himself. “I only learned later that, in fact, it was this person, Dave Schmidtz”…

The Career of Outstanding IHS Alum–Tom W. Bell

Tom W. Bell, Professor of Law at Chapman University has been participating in IHS programs as both a student and a professor for over 30 years. As part of our 60th anniversary, we take a look back….

Kristina Kendall on the Power of Storytelling

Telling stories enable us to animate the issues we care about. They also help us to understand ourselves better. For over two decades, Kristina Kendall has harnessed the power of stories….

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