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Papers Workshops bring together authors contributing to a collected volume or special journal issue to workshop their individual contributions as well as identify themes and improve the work as a whole. Workshops offer academics the opportunity to advance inquiry on important topics within the classical liberal tradition, strengthen specific research contributions, and form interdisciplinary and inter-generational networks of scholars with whom they can collaborate in the future.

IHS also sponsors Manuscript Workshops which provide constructive feedback on a single book manuscript and offer commenters the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to a fellow scholar’s work. Learn more about Manuscript Workshops here.

The “Federalism and the Regulatory Policies of Local and Regional Governments” research workshop executed by the Institute for Humane Studies with the support of the Templeton Foundation was the first step in putting together what could be a massively fruitful and effective research program. By bringing together a group of international scholars to study this topic, we were able not only to put together the beginnings of a special journal issue on this understudied topic, but also to set the stage for further work that could result in new indices of economic freedom in non-U.S. federations, a better understanding of the true scope of regulatory decentralization around the world, and a new focus on those aspects of economic federalism that may be most important for human liberty and economic growth.
Dr. Jason Sorens, Saint Anselm College

IHS did a great job in helping us to find scholars from a variety of different academic and ideological backgrounds to participate in a conference discussing the role of higher education and the future of work. Not only were their backgrounds diverse, all were highly respected scholars. Without IHS, we would not have been able to bring this kind of diversity of viewpoints to the table to participate in this project.
Dr. Chris Surprenant, University of New Orleans

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IHS supports editors compiling a collected work or developing a new research project. You can learn more about partnering with us on a Workshop here.

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As part of its Discourse Initiative, IHS is particularly interested in research and programs in the following general categories: Liberalism and Its Critics, Key Challenges within a Free Society, Cultural Challenges within Liberal Society, Contentious Topics within the Liberal Tradition, and Liberalism in Times of Crisis. Learn more about the Discourse Initiative here.

We are also interested in topics addressing issues around Social Media, Big Tech, and Free Speech, Tensions Between National Security and Freedom, the Future of Liberalism, Social Justice Solutions and the Tension Between Freedom and Government, and Structural Problems within Higher Education.

IHS welcomes applications and proposals on these or other related topics from scholars in all disciplines.

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Upcoming Papers Workshops

July 2022 in Portland, OR

The Effect of Regulating Healthcare Workers on Patients and Practitioners

The Effect of Regulating Healthcare Workers on Patients and Practitioners

Co-hosted with the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics, this 3 day workshop will feature moderated round-table discussions to offer individualized feedback and advice on accepted papers. It will bring together leading senior faculty with junior faculty to collaborate and work together on improving projects and to learn about the nuances between health economics and health policy publishing.

Papers should discuss a topic of importance within healthcare regulation, with a strong preference for papers that contribute to the discussion of scope of practice and medical licensure.