Campus-Wide Events

A free society is built on ideas. Ideas make an impact and shape our world, and ideas are worth talking about. It is with this spirit in mind, that IHS works with students and faculty to create large, school-wide events that help to bring big ideas and invigorating discussion onto your campus. 

Our Student Programs Team works with faculty to create campus-wide events that promote open discourse and educational advancement through classical liberal ideas. These large-scale events are typically comprised of lectures, debates, panel discussions, or film screenings, and are facilitated through IHS support. 

IHS has previously orchestrated top-notch events on several campuses nationwide. In spring of 2018, along with the support of several other institutions, IHS collaborated with a faculty partner to help facilitate a Values and Virtues of Liberal Education panel at Villanova University. 

The event garnered over 700 people in attendance and included a national conversation via live-stream, as students participated in a discussion on free speech with Cornel West and Robert P. George. 

Campus-Wide Events

In 2018, IHS worked with faculty at the University of San Diego to host a debate between Greg Lukianoff and Stanley Fish about the role of free speech on college campuses and partnered with faculty at both Yale and Harvard to foster larger, campus-driven discussions on freedom-advancing ideas.  

Interested in hosting an event on your campus? Our Student Programs Team will work with you to create an engaging and educational event that resonates with students. View our guidelines for on-campus speakers.

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First-hand praise for IHS Events

It wasn’t the end result of the debate that mattered, but the ensuing discourse and what it taught us.

Liam McLaurin, Student Participant, Christopher Newport University

Excellent lecture that left me wanting more and fueled a subsequent conversation that lasted more than 30 minutes beyond the program’s conclusion and perhaps began a new friendship. Thank you for the sponsorship!

– Rebecca Gianarkis, Student Participant, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs