Faculty Programs

IHS Faculty Programs connect you to the ideas that drew you to the life of the mind and to colleagues who share your interest in the classical liberal intellectual tradition.

Featuring seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities, IHS Faculty Programs help scholars to:

  • Connect to other scholars who are applying, developing, and challenging ideas in the classical liberal tradition
  • Better incorporate the economic way of thinking into course content
  • Leverage academic scholarship toward positive social change in public policy
  • Workshop manuscripts, articles, and research to prepare for publication
  • Be more competitive in the academic job market

As part of its Discourse Initiative, IHS is interested in supporting research and facilitating programs in the following general categories:

  • Liberalism and Its Critics, including engagement with and response to critiques from both ends of the ideological spectrum.
  • Key Challenges within a Free Society, such as tensions between liberty and equality, dynamism and disruption, and freedom of speech and social cohesion.
  • Cultural Challenges within Liberal Society, such as protections for minority rights, the pace of change in an increasingly digital and globalized world, and the cultural requirements of a tolerant and pluralistic society.
  • Contentious Topics within the Liberal Tradition, including negative vs. positive rights, moral obligations within the liberal order, and contested meanings of liberal principles such as justice, equality, and democracy.
  • Liberalism in Times of Crisis, including the proper role of government in a crisis and how to balance competing goals, such as public health and safety, with civil liberties, the rule of law, and economic freedom in an emergency.

IHS welcomes applications and proposals on these or other related topics from scholars in all disciplines, including economics, history, political science, philosophy, PPE, law, literature, business, sociology, psychology, and the visual and performing arts. Scholars can visit the pages listed above for more information and to apply directly to their program(s) of interest.

Email us at Discourse@TheIHS.org to learn more or explore potential opportunities for collaboration with IHS.

Programs Being Offered this Academic Year

Academic Research Seminars

Early Stage Career Development Seminar

Academic Research Seminars connect liberty-advancing scholars to discuss new ideas for research and collaboration.

Free Speech & Open Inquiry

Student raising hand in college classroom setting

To support faculty in creating a culture of free and open inquiry on campuses, IHS has launched the Open Inquiry Project, a platform for faculty learning and engagement on the issues of free speech and independent thought on college campuses.

Campus Event Support

IHS works with faculty across the country to host extracurricular events, focused on ideas within the classical liberal tradition on their campuses. If you would like to host an event on your campus, we can help you fund, plan, and market it.

Discussion Colloquia

discussion colloquia

Discuss intensely interesting and challenging topics with peers and network together.

Research Workshops

Research Workshops

Scholars have the opportunity to advance inquiry and form interdisciplinary and intergenerational networks of scholars.

Special Lecture Series

Giving a lecture on classical liberal ideas

On occasion IHS is fortunate enough to work with scholars on a variety of topics. Some of the work is a little bit different from our traditional programs. Out of this sprung the idea for these lecture series.