Faculty Programs

Faculty Programs at IHS will help you gain more leverage in your career so that you can increase your impact in your discipline, on your campus, and in the broader culture.

Featuring seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities, IHS Faculty Programs help scholars to:

  • Better incorporate market-friendly ideas into course curriculum
  • Leverage academic scholarship to affect policy change
  • Workshop manuscripts, articles, and research to prepare for publication
  • Be more competitive in the academic job market

Programs Offered in the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Academic Research Seminars

Policy Research Seminars

Academic Research Seminars bridge the gap between the academic and policy worlds by connecting liberty-advancing scholars to policy research organizations.

Manuscript Workshops

Manuscript Workshops bring together a group of interdisciplinary scholars who provide chapter-by-chapter comments and feedback on your manuscript before it is sent to the publisher.

Research Working Group

A Research Working Group is a peer-review focused community of faculty who provide detailed, relevant feedback on each other’s articles before they are submitted to an academic journal.

Curriculum Development Workshops

Curriculum Development Workshops underscore the importance of incorporating market-friendly ideas into the classroom. They are day-and-a-half, in-person programs that feature panels on lecture content, student engagement, and syllabus creation led by senior faculty members.

Regional Networking Groups

Regional Networking Groups bring together scholars and policy experts from similar geographic regions to discuss issues that at the nexus of policy and academia and to help facilitate connections leading to future opportunities and collaboration.

Free Speech & Open Inquiry

To support faculty in creating a culture of free and open inquiry on campuses, IHS has launched the Open Inquiry Project, a platform for faculty learning and engagement on the issues of free speech and independent thought on college campuses.

On-Campus Faculty Partnership

IHS works with faculty across the country to host extracurricular, freedom-focused events on their campuses. If you would like to host an event on your campus, we can help you fund, plan, and market it.