Co-authorship Program

Are you looking to bolster your publication record?

Are you working on an article but need additional support to finish the project?

Are you interested in furthering your career while helping to mentor an aspiring academic?

The IHS co-authorship program can help by pairing you with a graduate student or faculty co-author. IHS will also support graduate student research assistants through this program. Please complete this application if you’re interested in participating and see below for more information about the program.

  • The co-authorship program exists to support faculty at all stages of their career, including aspiring faculty, junior faculty, and senior faculty
  • All faculty are encouraged to apply regardless of past involvement with IHS – you don’t need to be an IHS alumni to participate
  • Faculty partners may request a co-author or research assistant
  • Faculty partners may propose a collaborator of their own or rely on the IHS network. Historically, the co-authorship program has supported faculty-graduate student partnerships but we’re interested in supporting faculty-faculty co-authorships as well
  • All program participants will be awarded a stipend for participating in the program and will be eligible for a bonus if the piece is selected for publication

The Process:

Step 1: apply to the program by completing this brief application form

Step 2: IHS will follow up with you regarding your application and if accepted to the program, IHS will work to find a suitable collaborator for the project based on your preferences

Step 3: IHS will introduce you to potential collaborators and you should discuss the project with him/her

Step 4: select a collaborator and finalize the topic, project timeline, and division of labor

Step 5: submit a performance agreement to IHS, sign a contract, and complete a W-9 form

Step 6: complete the research project and stay in contact with IHS regarding the outcomes of the project


To learn more or to request more information, please contact Sam Teixeira at

To visit the graduate student co-authorship page, please follow this link.


“The IHS co-authorship program has been tremendously helpful for me. It connected me to graduate students outside my normal orbit, it allowed me to see the innovative work of the next generation of scholars, and it helped my research agenda by putting me in contact with individuals with whom I could co-author.”