Discussion Colloquia

Discussion Colloquia offer faculty and graduate students an opportunity to learn from each other by participating in structured discussions of key texts in the classical liberal tradition selected for their intellectual rigor and relevance to a theme. Discussion Colloquia are weekend-long events hosted in partnership with faculty or academic centers at hotels or university campuses across the country. Programs typically include four to six 90-minute sessions and 200 to 300 pages of reading. Participants receive an honorarium for their contributions.

About this Colloquium

This colloquium explores the work of Elinor Ostrom as it relates to the importance of public choice. In particular, the role of self-governance in effectively caring for the commons will be examined by delving into such topics as polycentrism, public entrepreneurship and collective action. Discussion sessions are designed to bridge the gap between Ostrom’s work and legal scholarship, while inspiring further research in this area.

Profs. George Mocsary, Jeremy Kidd, John Anderson, and Todd Zywicki will serve as rotating discussion leaders. Sessions will be expertly framed by Dr. Liya Palagashvili.


The day-and-a-half agenda includes four moderated discussion sessions hosted on Texas A&M’s Law Campus, beginning with a 4:30 PM registration period on Friday and ending at 10:00 PM on Saturday after a reception.

Accommodations and Travel

IHS will provide hotel accommodations at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel for the nights of January 24-25, as well as meals throughout the program.

Participants are asked to book their own travel. After the program, IHS will provide a stipend for your travel expenses.

Have an Idea for Your Own Discussion Colloquium?

Please contact us at DiscussionColloquia@TheIHS.org for more information and include the following: a current CV, a detailed description of the program topic, and the dates that you have in mind for the program.