A Liberal Democratic Peace: Creating Trust in a Polarized Age

Kevin Vallier Manuscript Workshop

January 31–February 1, 2020, Arlington, VA

Kevin Vallier, associate professor of philosophy at Bowling Green State University, gathered with other scholars from a variety of disciplines to review his forthcoming manuscript, “A Liberal Democratic Peace: Creating Trust in a Polarized Age,” before publication.

In his forthcoming book, Professor Kevin Vallier argues that liberal democratic institutions promote and sustain social and political trust between diverse persons. He explains how liberal ideas such as freedom of association, private property, and legislative democracy promote this trust in the real world and even during times of growing polarization.

I had a fantastic time engaging with cutting-edge research on problems facing contemporary political communities with some of the world’s leading scholars on the subject.

– Alexander Motchoulski, PhD candidate at the University of Arizona

At the weekend-long Manuscript Workshop, 12 scholars provided constructive feedback on Vallier’s project and forged new connections. Participants expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to interact with such a diverse group of people, both professionally and ideologically.

This workshop provided a unique opportunity for scholars across disciplines to share their thoughts on an important concern in America today—to restore social and political trust. These interactions helped expand and strengthen my understanding of these processes.

– Gary Uzonyi, assistant professor at University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Gary Uzonyi
Gary Uzonyi

Bowling Green State University

Research Workshops like Vallier’s form interdisciplinary and intergenerational networks of scholars to engage in discourse on a specific project and open the door for future collaboration. By bringing different perspectives to the table, these academics not only offer constructive feedback for the author but also inspire each other in their own work through intellectual connections.

Sabbatical Research

The workshop introduced me to a diverse community of scholars who work on public reason liberalism and allowed me to connect my own work to their intellectual agenda. It was also an inspiring venue for testing competing ideas and challenging my way of thinking about social and political trust.

– Irina Soboleva, PhD candidate at Columbia University

To learn more about IHS Research Workshops or other academic programs including funding opportunities, visit TheIHS.org. You can also listen to our Ideas in Progress episode featuring Kevin Vallier and the value of public trust in promoting peace. This program was made possible with support from The John Templeton Foundation.

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