Anna Chorniy’s IHS Experience Continues to Resonate Today

Anna Chorniy
Anna Chorniy

As Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Medical Social Science at Northwestern UniversityAnna Chorniy has participated in many IHS events and programs throughout the years. At IHS events, she was introduced to a mentorship program and scholars with whom she would later co-author several papers.

It wasn’t just the substantive network of scholars at IHS events, Chorniy adds, but the secure environment that IHS provided her. The structure of each program was centered around a conversation, an experience that made Chorniy feel welcomed as a valuable contributor. Being an international student, Chorniy felt that IHS embraced people from all backgrounds, which eased her concerns and made her IHS experience profitable in many ways.

I’ve been always impressed by how IHS manages to make everyone feel welcome, even when your English is not that great and you tend to be an introvert and don’t talk much to begin with, there’s still space for everyone to express themselves and be a part of the network. I feel that the IHS is offering multiple opportunities for scholars to communicate in a pressure-free environment.

– Anna Chorniy
Students attend an on campus event

A major theme in Chorniy’s research is the impact of public health insurance programs on child health outcomes. In 2016, Chorniy published a major paper in the journal Labour Economics, which received popular media attention about the long-term benefits of ADHD treatment on reducing teens’ risky behaviors. This paper was covered in the Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

In another paper, with coauthors Janet Currie and Lyudmyla Sonchak, Chorniy found that both asthma and ADHD diagnoses have increased as a direct result of the transition of Medicaid from a fee-for-service model of physician payments to a managed care model. What surprised Chorniy the most were the difference between what the data showed and what physicians thought they were doing in their practice.

In other words, there was a clear divergence between a physician’s stated preference and their demonstrated diagnosing behavior in children with chronic conditions like asthma or ADHD.

In a forthcoming paper, Chorniy and Mills discover that the effect of standard maintenance payments on the placement of foster children and their associated health outcomes are negligible, meaning that government foster care subsidies bear no significant positive benefit for child well-being in the set of health and socio-economic outcomes they were able to compile.

During her graduate studies, IHS supported her research and career development. This made a world of difference, says Chorniy, because graduate school can be a harsh and demanding environment.

IHS is not just about the research workshops, or the mentorship program, or the conferences or the even financial support. IHS is about the community of like-minded scholars who are not afraid to challenge each other so that you can become a more well-rounded thinker.

– Anna Chorniy

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