So, now what? Answering the Graduate Question


As an Undergrad on the cusp of graduating you are most likely feeling the same, somewhat foreboding question as every undergraduate before you: Now what?

While in school, did you enjoy gaining new perspectives? Were you interested in researching projects you were passionate about or writing in-depth papers on your favorite topic? Or were you excited by the continual pursuit of knowledge and truth? If you see a lot of yourself in these questions, graduate school, and potentially pursuing a PhD, might be the next options for you to explore.

For the scholarly-minded, furthering your education and laying the groundwork for a career in academia is often a logical next step. The opportunities to be challenged, grow, and contribute to continued exploration of a subject you’re passionate about are the hallmark traits of an exceptional graduate student and aspiring professor.

So, you’ve decided that you want to go to grad school—great! But there’s still that nagging question of: Now what? Particularly in relation to applying to schools and the costs associated with it. It is at this crossroads that the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) can help.

Funding is a large component of graduate studies and can greatly enhance your experience and your research in the long-run. IHS awards financial assistance to better equip you on your academic journey, so you can explore and develop the classical liberal tradition within your scholarly community.

With this in mind, IHS offers the Hayek Fund for Scholars. Awarded on a rolling basis, the fund can support academic research and career advancing activities crucial to helping graduate students succeed. Some examples include:

  • PhD Application fees
  • Participation in career-development seminars
  • Submissions of unpublished manuscripts to journals
  • Collaborative research projects

In addition to funding, graduate students receive access to our vast network of scholars and opportunities to advance their careers and research.

While the “now what” question can seem overwhelming, it can be transformed into a launching pad that propels you forward on the road to success. Thinking through your priorities and goals for graduate school is a great start and seeing how funding opportunities can help get you where you want to be puts you ahead of the curve.

With the proper resources and planning, you can turn that “now what” into a “what’s next!”

Find this opportunity and others by visiting our Scholarships and Grants page on our website, or email for more information.

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