60th Anniversary

What Makes IHS Summer Seminars a Favorite Among Students and Faculty?

Freiman describes the inspiring whirlwind that is Summer Seminars, including the immersive, daylong discussions on politics, philosophy, and economics that both students and faculty alike partake in. Summer Seminar participants are from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines and are gathered for a weeklong civil discussion debating and exploring the ideas of a free society.

Kristina Kendall on the Power of Storytelling

Kristina Kendall on the Power of Storytelling

Telling stories enable us to animate the issues we care about. They also help us to understand ourselves better. For over two decades, Kristina Kendall has harnessed the power of stories as a producer and content creator.

david schmidtz

The Mentorship Mantras of David Schmidtz

When John Tomasi was a first-year philosophy graduate student, he and others in his class found their mailboxes had been stuffed with the same leaflet about a summer program from a place called the Institute for Humane Studies. Little did Tomasi know that the “culprit” behind these flyers would have a profound impact on his academic interests.

Tom W. Bell

The Career of Outstanding IHS Alum–Tom W. Bell

Tom W. Bell, Professor of Law at Chapman University has been participating in IHS programs as both a student and a professor for over 30 years. As part of our 60th anniversary, we take a look back at Bell’s academic journey through a series of photos.


A Look at Mario Rizzo’s Storied Tenure

For over 40 years, Dr. Mario Rizzo has been a member of IHS events in one capacity or another. Dr. Rizzo was first introduced to IHS in 1974 at the South Royalton Conference, where he would later meet Dr. Ludwig Lachmann, a leading figure at the time within the school of Austrian economics.

Karen Vaughn and the Revival of Austrian Economics

Dr. Karen Vaughn, Professor Emerita of Economics at George Mason University, credits her career interest in Austrian economics to her participation in the IHS conference in South Royalton, Vermont in 1974. There, Dr. Vaughn was able to interact with key figures in Austrian economics, which helped her solidify the direction in which she wanted to take her career.

Don Lavoie Teaches

Don Lavoie’s Legacy: Cultivating the Virtues of Academic Life

I remember, precisely, where I was on November 9, 1989, the night that the Berlin Wall came tumbling down. I was at George Mason University, in a temporary classroom building erected to alleviate the university’s growing pains. My friends and I had just returned from the 15-minute break that split up our three-hour graduate course in comparative economic systems. Somebody had (if you can believe it) a transistor radio. In stunned silence, we gathered around as the drama unfolded. Our professor, the late Don Lavoie huddled with us.