Advanced Topic

What are the Origins of Capitalism?

Students learned about coal production in England but left skeptical of whether it mattered. They learned about wage rates after the Black Death and heard from Mokyr that none of it would have gone anywhere if not for innovations in technology and society.

How are Liberty and a Civil Society Connected

How are Liberty and a Civil Society Connected?

The Institute for Humane Studies and Liberty Fund convened a group of graduate students to discuss “Liberty and Civil Society” as part of a co-sponsored discussion colloquium. This weekend-long Advanced Topics in Liberty discussion was led by Professor John Hasnas, Georgetown University, a veteran IHS faculty member.

Liberty and the Early Chinese State - A Discussion on China's History

Liberty and the Early Chinese State – A Discussion on China’s History

In the spring of 2021, a mixed audience of graduate students and faculty convened as part of the Institute for Humane Studies’ Advanced Topics series of discussion colloquia co-sponsored with Liberty Fund. In a Socratic discussion, these scholars tackled the topic of “Liberty and the Struggle for the Early Chinese State,” with historian Stephen Davies serving as the discussion leader.

Jacob Bruggeman

Jacob Bruggeman Shares His Diversified IHS Experience

We interviewed Jacob Bruggeman, graduate student of history at Johns Hopkins University, about his experience in several of IHS’s graduate student programs which include: The Humane Studies Fellowship, Summer Seminars, Discussion Colloquia, and the Hayek Fund.