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Kevin Vallier on Social Trust

Kevin Vallier on Social Trust and Religious Toleration in Classical Liberalism

Vallier is an associate professor of philosophy at Bowling Green State University, where he also directs the Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law program. “In Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, what you’re essentially doing is applying the formal and empirical methods of the social sciences to make advances in value theory,” Vallier explains.

Manuscript Workshops

About Our Manuscript Workshops Manuscript Workshops are moderated, round-table discussions bringing together scholars in order …

Danielle Allen - Civil Discourse

Danielle Allen on the Declaration of Independence and Self-Governance

The Declaration is a statement of both principle and action. The people are free to exercise their emancipated judgement in their own and collective interest through self-governance. For this to work, citizens must lay a foundation of shared principles and collectively organize the powers of government to promote their safety and happiness.

Distinguished Fellows

Distinguished Fellows Distinguished Fellows for the Study of Liberalism and a Free Society are recognized …

Danielle Allen - Civil Discourse

What is the Impact of Civil Discourse within a Liberal Democracy?

As an IHS Distinguished Fellow, Allen is no stranger to discussions on the future of liberalism in America. As a facet of the IHS Discourse Initiative, distinguished fellows convene for a series of conversations among scholars from across the ideological spectrum with the goal to respond to illiberal and authoritarian top-down solutions through open dialogue within the academy.

IHS Announces Major Grant Recipients - Spring 2021

IHS Announces Major Grant Recipients – Spring 2021

The Institute for Humane Studies has awarded its spring 2021 round of major grants, Discourse Initiative Research Grants and Free Speech and Open Inquiry Grants, to fifteen faculty members in the humanities and social sciences.

FSOI Grants Help to Fill Void in Civil Discourse

FSOI Grants Help to Fill Void in Civil Discourse

Free speech has become a major sore spot in our public discourse. Limits on free speech are gaining support, especially on college campuses, where it’s reported that most academic institutions restrict free speech in at least one way.