How are Liberty and a Civil Society Connected

How are Liberty and a Civil Society Connected?

The Institute for Humane Studies and Liberty Fund convened a group of graduate students to discuss “Liberty and Civil Society” as part of a co-sponsored discussion colloquium. This weekend-long Advanced Topics in Liberty discussion was led by Professor John Hasnas, Georgetown University, a veteran IHS faculty member.

Adam Smith

Ryan Patrick Hanley on What Adam Smith Can Teach Us

Dr. Ryan Patrick Hanley, Professor of Political Science at Boston College, believes that Smith’s first book, “The Theory of Moral Sentiments” (1759), can inform and ultimately equip us with the moral philosophy needed to counter the illiberal trends that have swept up many, leading to a performative and disingenuous discourse.

Ideas in Progress

Ideas in Progress Podcast

Ideas in Progress, hosted by IHS historian Dr. Anthony Comegna, invites professors and scholars to …

The Value of Public Trust

What are the defenses of public reason liberalism? Ideas in Progress host Dr. Anthony Comegna …