Crisis & Connection

How Faculty Can Stay Connected During COVID-19

For professors teaching remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, class might suddenly feel like “finding yourself on a desert island with your students,” as University of Colorado senior instructor in learning design Sean Michael Morris said in an online videoconference for educators.

But no one need feel completely alone: Educators from around the country are offering opportunities to connect, share resources, and commiserate. Sean Michael Morris and his colleague Jesse Stommel are offering open office hours every week to discuss digital learning. Marginal Revolution University is hosting a private Facebook group for economics professors to share lesson ideas and advice.

Crisis & Connection

The Institute for Humane Studies has a list of online teaching and research resources. For Philosophy, Politics, and Economics professors, IHS’s series of online teaching modules may be particularly valuable for remote teaching. And for faculty and scholars whose work has been upended by COVID-19, IHS is offering grants to help:  

IHS can help professors or graduate students looking for advice or support: You can reach our team with specific questions at

That IHS is extending support to its scholars at this time of global uncertainty and panic is no surprise… I know of no organization more fully committed to its community.

– Cambridge University graduate student Jacob Bruggeman

Keep up to date on IHS events that have been canceled or moved online on our COVID-19 Impact page.

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