Discourse in the Disciplines

Bradley Jackson, Program Officer for Free Speech and Open Inquiry at IHS, presented at an event discussing the hotly debated topic “The Future of General Education.” The daylong event was part of Inside Higher Ed’s Leadership Series exploring the big issues currently facing the academy, including respectful discourse.

At the event, Jackson addressed the crowd on the importance of free speech for fostering an atmosphere of campus diversity.

“We’re learning more and more about how important it is to be able to integrate different members of our communities so that we can all have productive, constructive, empathetic conversations with one another,” Jackson said.

He went on to describe the value of engaging with individuals from different disciplines, as each area offers unique insights for students asking questions and drawing well-informed conclusions.

While the crux of his talk examined the theme of civil and respectful conversation, Jackson highlighted the underlying significance of open discourse on campus: that intellectual discovery promotes human flourishing.

“This is what general education helps students to learn, that they have the responsibility, the privilege, and ultimately the right, to become individuals with their own values…. General education helps all students to become citizens in a thriving, pluralistic, liberal democracy.”

For more information on our Free Speech and Open Inquiry (FSOI) initiative and programs, visit the FSOI section of our website.

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