Dr. Timothy Wyman McCarty Receives Sabbatical Fellowship for New Book: ‘The Tragedy of Complicity’

Dr. Timothy McCarty Awarded for New Book blog

University of San Diego professor’s book to explore the politics of complicity

The Institute for Humane Studies is proud to award Timothy Wyman McCarty, associate professor of political science at the University of San Diego, with a Sabbatical Research Fellowship. McCarty received the award to support his work and research of his book manuscript titled “The Tragedy of Complicity.”

McCarty’s book will investigate the politics of complicity, in which he argues that complicity should be considered a feature of human interdependence, especially in problems involving many players, such as structural injustice, climate change, and global poverty. The political theory of complicity offered can motivate political action while being grounded in a strong version of moral pluralism necessary to maintain liberal democratic political communities.

Dr. Timothy McCarty Awarded for New Book

In line with liberal democratic principles, “The Tragedy of Complicity” conceptualizes complicity as a method of interacting with and seeking to exercise power, a basis for political status, a concept that structures our relationships to one another, and a concept that speaks directly to the terms of the social contract itself.

-Prof. Timothy Wyman McCarty

McCarty’s other research focuses on democratic theory, theories of moral responsibility, the politics of taxation, and politics and literature. He received his doctorate degree in political theory from Brandeis University and has a bachelor’s degree in political theory and constitutional democracy and English from Michigan State University.

IHS offers the Sabbatical Research Fellowship to faculty seeking to further the study, research, or teaching of classical liberal ideas. The semester-long sabbatical supports a diverse collection of faculty across a wide range of academic disciplines within the humanities and social sciences.

McCarty joins the ranks of previous sabbatical recipients, including Christina Bambrick, Liya Palagashvili, Kevin Vallier, and Bruce Caldwell, to name a few.

For more information on the Sabbatical Research Fellowship, additional funding opportunities, or faculty feature stories from the IHS 60th celebration, visit TheIHS.org.

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