january, 2021

22janAll Day23Family, Community, and Meaningful Work: The State’s Role in Economic ManagementStaff:ARS

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Are unfettered markets and economic disruptions responsible for breakdowns in families? Displacement of rural and working class communities? A loss of meaning and identity for large swaths of a nation’s population? Some conservatives and progressives have revived the idea that the state has a considerable role to play in constraining these allegedly market-caused harms in order to protect or promote important values and institutions that are otherwise being eroded by liberal democracy run amok. 

If you are interested in a vigorous discussion about these topics, we welcome you to apply for this online Academic Research Seminar on “Family, Community, and Meaningful Work: The State’s Role in Economic Management”. The event is co-sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies and the Mercatus Center, and will take place January 22 and 23, 2021. 

Scholars with research interests in this topic are especially encouraged to attend, since one goal of the seminar is to find new or underexplored avenues for peer-reviewed publications, op-eds, and other intellectual work.

The seminar will feature three panels: (1) “Does America Need a New Industrial Policy? Technology, Competitiveness, and the Intersection of Governments and Markets in the 21st Century Economy”; (2) “American Workers and a Changing Economy: The Call for a Return to ‘Good, Reliable Jobs’”; (3) “Has American Prosperity Come at the Price of Weaker Communities and Families, and Can the State Fix It? Are the Common Good and Markets at Odds with One Another?

Dr. Steve Davies (Institute of Economic Affairs) will lead off the seminar with a keynote talk addressing some historical context for these topics.

Finally, the seminar will have a breakout session where participants brainstorm and discuss with speakers their own research questions and ideas related to the topic. Those without current research plans on this topic are still encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback to others in the group.  


january 22 (Friday) - 23 (Saturday) EST