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Over the past year and a half, the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) has embraced a more faculty-focused approach to support better understanding and appreciation of the classical liberal tradition in the academy. Our vision is to ensure that higher education becomes a place where classical liberal ideas are regularly taught, challenged, and discussed; this centers on partnering with professors to promote the teaching and research of liberty. Together, we seek to advance higher education’s core purpose of intellectual discovery and human progress.

How do we get there? With services designed to support scholars as they advance their careers and increase the reach and impact of their research.

Funding Opportunities

Whether seeking support on a research project or searching for new methods to inspire students, we encourage faculty to look to IHS as a resource for funding and assistance. Our three funding and scholarship opportunities, the Hayek Fund for Scholars, Grant for Free Speech and Open Inquiry, and Sabbatical Research Fellowship, provide assistance for career advancement and are awarded multiple times throughout the academic year.

In addition to financial support, IHS offers career guidance and resources via programs and connections to a vast network of scholars at universities throughout the country.

Faculty Programming

IHS programs help faculty gain more leverage in their careers by increasing their interdisciplinary impact, both on campus and in the broader culture. Our Faculty Manuscript Workshops, Academic Research Seminars, Discussion Colloquia, and Campus Event Support programs are designed to help empower faculty with the resources needed to advance within academia.

In addition to programming, IHS also meets with faculty at conferences and networking events. While at these conferences, we host gatherings and receptions to increase the potential for collaboration opportunities and meaningful discussion between like-minded scholars.

We are also passionate about fostering a culture of open critical inquiry on campus and support the professors who share this goal.

Free Speech and Open Inquiry

Free speech and open discussion are the cornerstones of higher education and vital to ensuring that the pursuit of knowledge flourishes. Which is why IHS has created the Free Speech and Open Inquiry (FSOI) Initiative, which actively sponsors faculty-led programs seeking to promote free thought on campus.

In partnering with faculty, the Institute for Humane Studies is able to support numerous avenues for championing classical liberal ideas, as well as the scholars who advance them. For more information and ways in which you can partner with IHS, visit the faculty overview on our website.

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For the latest on Faculty Funding, visit our Faculty Funding and Career Resources page

Your work has profound implications for the direction of our society. As a professor, you can look to IHS for academic funding and career resources as you contribute to the classical liberal intellectual tradition. Whether you are seeking support on a research project or want to inspire your students to consider the ideas that have shaped our society, we can partner with you to advance robust intellectual inquiry in your discipline, on your campus, and in the broader culture.

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