Sabbatical Research Fellow Announced: Christina Bambrick

Research Sabbatical

The Institute for Humane Studies is pleased to announce a new recipient of the Sabbatical Research Fellowship. This award is granted to scholars each year to take a semester-long sabbatical to study, research, and write about classical liberal ideas.  

Dr. Christina Bambrick, an assistant professor of political science at Clemson University, is our first selected fellow for the 2019-2020 academic year. Her academic interests include constitutional theory and development, American and comparative constitutionalism, and the history of political thought. 

This sabbatical comes at a crucial time as I am just beginning my academic career and intend to pursue the “book path” to tenure. That the committee sees value in my project and has confidence in my ability to execute it is extremely gratifying.

–Dr. Christina Bambrick

During her sabbatical, she intends to finish her book manuscript titled “Horizontal Rights: Constitutionalism and the Transformation of the Private Sphere.”

The horizontal effect, she explains, refers to times in which courts understand that both government and private individuals are responsible for upholding and promoting others’ constitutional rights.

“My contribution is to show the political consequences of this constitutional phenomenon,” Dr. Bambrick says. “While horizontal rights sometimes achieve positive results, they may also undermine the separation between public and private spheres on which liberal government is founded.”

Since graduate school, Dr. Bambrick has been involved in several IHS programs: discussion colloquia, Hayek Fund for Scholars, the Humane Studies Fellowship, and research workshops. The team at IHS, she says, has a keen understanding of what is required to be successful at each stage of an academic career.

Dr. Bambrick is already planning ahead for her next book project. In her next project, she will examine how provisions in constitutions that are meant to accommodate particular populations. For example, in India, there are personal laws that permit different legal codes for different religious groups. Her primary interest is in exploring how constitutions treat diversity.

IHS looks forward to the completion of Dr. Bambrick’s upcoming manuscript and her future projects. We hope to support Dr. Bambrick throughout her promising academic career.

Terrific things are happening at IHS! I remain grateful to be a part of it all and will look forward to getting involved in new ways in the future.

–Dr. Christina Bambrick

This fall, Dr. Bambrick will be taking a tenure-track position at the University of Notre Dame and plans to continue her research and complete her manuscript there.

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