Framing the Constitution – Manuscript Workshop

Framing the Constitution

March 2020, Online Program

IHS held an online Manuscript Workshop for Donald Kochan, a constitutional law professor at Chapman University, to review his manuscript, “Framing the Constitution: The Impact of Labels on Constitutional Interpretation.” Kochan discussed his manuscript with nine faculty and PhD students from a wide range of disciplines. Both the author and participants came away with more ideas for their research.

[The] “Framing the Constitution” manuscript workshop was an incredibly worthwhile program. The other scholars were top-notch and even as a participant I got excellent ideas for research and teaching from the various comments. I would do this again in a heart-beat.

– Luke Sheahan, Duquesne University
Framing the Constitution – Manuscript Workshop

The author himself said that the workshop was an “unheard-of” opportunity and that he was “eternally grateful” for its impact on his book and future scholarship. Professor Kochan not only gained valuable feedback, but he also established professional connections with the reviewers.

Framing the Constitution – Manuscript Workshop

I barely knew any of the participants beforehand and I now feel that I have effective professional connections with all of them. The diversity of views was great and people came with the agenda of wanting to help, which is unique to IHS’s format, as opposed to law school workshops or paper conferences that I’ve been to.

– Donald Kochan, Chapman University

Professor and graduate students alike find that workshops like Kochan’s are valuable for their academic careers. Laura Jenkins, a PhD student at Syracuse University, said, “It was a great opportunity to participate in a discussion with senior scholars so early in my career.”

These events are crucial for making the connections that I need to flourish as a scholar. I come away a better teacher, a reinvigorated scholar, and more connected to the people who I need to know to publish and advance my career.

– Michelle Kundmueller, Old Dominion University
Framing the Constitution – Manuscript Workshop

“Framing the Constitution” will examine how the labels attached to constitutional rights, powers, and other concepts have been generated and how they impact the interpretation, construction, and perception of those concepts.

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