Funding Your Future

Funding your Future

When it comes to advancing your academic career, there’s no doubt that funding plays a pivotal role in your aspirations. Financial assistance can better equip you on your academic journey, and understanding which of our funding opportunities will best support you provides a leg-up during your time in graduate school.

If you’re a current PhD student, or interested in applying to a PhD program, and have a passion for advancing individual freedom, open markets, and civil liberties, IHS is eager to help you achieve your goals.

Humane Studies Fellowship

Current and future PhD students can receive substantial support from our Humane Studies Fellowship (HSF). New Fellows and past recipients can be awarded up to $15,000 per year while they are pursuing their PhD.

HSF recipients may also be eligible to receive assistance with individual academic advising, mentoring, networking programs, and other career-advancing resources available through IHS.

While this scholarship is offered annually, there is an application deadline. For this year’s cycle, the application closes on February 10, 2019.

Previous recipients’ areas of research have varied, and qualifying fields of study include:

-Political Science
-And similar disciplines within the social sciences and humanities

In addition to HSF, we also provide financial support through the Hayek Fund for Scholars.

Hayek Fund for Scholars

Instead of annually, the Hayek Fund for Scholars is awarded on a rolling basis and is designed to support a wide range of career advancement activities. While awarded to both graduate students and faculty, this fund specifically serves PhD students by providing the following:

-Reimbursement of application fees for PhD programs
-Payment for travel and participation in academic job interviews and peer reviews
-Payment accommodations and travel costs to present research at a conference
-Purchase of data sets for a research project
-And many additional costs related to research and career advancement

We are in the business of supporting scholars and want to mitigate the costs of graduate school so that students, such as yourself, can focus on developing your research and work towards your goal of a career in academia.

With our support, you can focus on projects that ignite your passion and advance your career.

Further details on our graduate student funding opportunities are available here.


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