Hayek Fund Spotlight: Dr. Guanlin Gao

Hayek Fund

The Institute for Humane Studies’ Hayek Fund for Scholars is a program designed to give financial awards to scholars in order to meet the demands of an academic career. Awarded on a rolling basis, the fund can be used in a variety of ways, including traveling to a conference or funding PhD application fees. The uniqueness of the fund allows it to cover a wide array of expenses. One such scholar who used the Hayek Fund to boost their academic career is Dr. Guanlin Gao.

Dr. Gao received her PhD in Economics from Georgia State University in 2015. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics in the School of Business and Communication at Chaminade University of Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii. Guanlin conducts empirical research in microeconomics with a focus on policy-driven questions in the field of public economics, behavioral economics, and experimental economics. Her current research projects study individual and group decisions made in different social environments. Her research has been published in Theory and Decision and other professional journals. 

We asked Dr. Guanlin Gao about her career and how the Hayek Fund is helping her reach professional goals.

How did you hear about IHS?
“I heard about IHS via a work email and was glad to learn that IHS offers great opportunities to support junior faculties on their career development.”

Why did you apply for the Hayek Fund? How did the funding help you reach professional and academic goals?
“I was working on a research project that studies how institutionally imposed social identity decreases efficiency and fairness. I applied for the Hayek Fund and used it to support my travel to the Southern Economics Association Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. in November 2018 to present my research paper. I was able to disseminate the findings of my study and received valuable comments, which helped me revise the manuscript and lead to a publication in the journal of Theory and Decision. “

What are your future professional goals?
“I plan to continue doing research and contribute to the classical liberal intellectual tradition through scholarship. I also plan to promote this tradition in the classroom as an educator in higher ed to provide our society with informed voters.”

Find more information on the Hayek Fund for Scholars and other support opportunities from IHS on our site.

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