IHS Announces 2020-2021 Senior Fellows

IHS Announces Senior Fellows

In conjunction with our new Fellowship for the Study of Liberalism and a Free Society, we are excited to launch the senior fellows program. The senior fellows represent some of the brightest scholars within the liberal intellectual tradition and span a variety of different disciplines within the humanities and social sciences.

These fellows will serve as ambassadors to both the liberal tradition and to our Discourse Initiative and take part in open discussion as a community. It is through this working group that they will convene and share their expertise on the topics and challenges currently facing academia at large.

As part of their fellowship with IHS, senior fellows will produce a myriad of content related to their work and research, with the goal of advancing the liberal intellectual tradition. In addition to their written contributions, senior fellows will participate in a series of lectures and discussions with Danielle Allen, Peter Boettke, Jonathan Rauch, and Vernon Smith; the four Distinguished Fellows for the Study of Liberalism and a Free Society.

We are proud to announce the senior fellows for the upcoming 2020-2021 Academic Year: Sarah Burns, Rochester Institute of Technology; Christopher Coyne, George Mason University; Aurelian Craiutu, Indiana University-Bloomington; Lauren Hall, Rochester Institute of Technology; Peter Jarworski, Georgetown University; Jacob Levy, McGill University; Fabio Rojas, Indiana University-Bloomington; Virgil Storr, George Mason; Brandon Turner, Clemson University; Kevin Vallier, Bowling Green State University; and Bart Wilson, Chapman University.

Throughout the year, IHS will debut works from these selected fellows and feature their contributions to the classical liberal tradition on a variety of platforms, including the IHS website and blog, IHS YouTube channel, Ideas in Progress podcast, and more. Both senior fellow and distinguished fellow works will be featured on a rolling basis.

For more information on our Fellowship for the Study of Liberalism and a Free Society, Discourse Initiative, faculty programs, and funding opportunities, visit TheIHS.org.

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