Five IHS Events Perfect for a Debater or Bookworm

The Institute for Humane Studies facilitates dozens of events every year. Ranging from large lectures to small discussion groups, our dedication to furthering the discourse around classical liberal ideas knows few limits.

To showcase the range of events we hold each year, here are a few favorites; from sold-out debates to book clubs, these five best demonstrate what IHS offers.

1. Summer Seminars

Summer Seminars are one of our signature events. This program brings together top graduate students with renowned faculty partners for a week of lectures, discussion, and networking. Topics include free speech, immigration, and the future of classical liberal thought. Students and faculty alike are encouraged to engage and challenge their own assumptions and beliefs in a week that can be transformational.

Learn more about the Summer Seminars in this video:

2. Debate on American Gun Control at the University of California-San Diego

IHS facilitates more than seminars and workshop. Through our campus-event support program, we plan massive and cutting-edge debates featuring some of the top scholars in the world. We host several on-campus debates every year, bringing together top academics and thought leaders to explore relevant topics.

In 2018, we hosted a debate on gun control at the University of California – San Diego between philosopher Dr. Michael Huemer and leading skeptic and best-selling author Dr. Michael Shermer. Far from the typical “talking head” news-style debate, the two distinguished scholars discussed one of the most pressing issues of our time with respect, depth, and rigor.

Watch video of the debate below:

3. “Shakespeare and Liberty” Discussion Colloquium at Calvin College

Portrait of William ShakespeareWhile most of our programming tends to focus on economics, philosophy and the social sciences, we also like to venture into the world of the humanities. Partnering with David Urban, a professor of English at Calvin College, undergraduate students read from The Tempest and Henry V and discussed themes of war, liberty, and government control. From Adam Smith and Plato, to Frederick Douglass and F.A. Hayek, IHS believes in studying the great thinkers and how their ideas resonate today. Discussion Colloquia are designed for small, focused groups where professors can explore with students in greater depth than in the classroom.  Check out our discussion colloquia offerings here.

4. Advanced Topics in Liberty Conference on “City-States as Alternatives to National-States”

The Advanced Topics in Liberty, co-sponsored by Liberty Fund, bring together graduate students and aspiring faculty for a weekend of in-depth discussion led by professors. These exclusive, invitation-only events explore fundamental issues and ideas in the classical liberal tradition. Each event is intimate and only available to 15 highly-motivated participants from a variety of disciplines. Advanced Topics in Liberty is a premier event for those interested in exploring and furthering classical liberal thought.

Learn more about Advanced Topics in Liberty coming in Fall 2019 here.

5. Academic Research Seminar on “What Makes a Successful City?” co-sponsored by the Show-Me Institute in St. Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis ArchAcademic Research Seminars are events that bridge the gap between the academic and policy world. Renowned scholars meet with public policy experts to share research, data, and the latest ideas around emerging public issues via speeches and panels. Usually taking place as part of larger academic conferences, these seminars are open to current and aspiring faculty. This program gives academics a chance to hone their research on topics where classical liberal ideas may be underrepresented. Hosting Academic Research Seminars is part of the Institute’s commitment to supporting scholars throughout their careers and fostering opportunities for their ideas to influence the public sphere.

Learn more about Academic Research Seminars here.

If you are interested in hosting an event or partnering with IHS, fill out an interest form here.

Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash

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