IHS Launches New Fellowship for Distinguished Scholars

IHS Launches New Fellowship for Distinguished Scholars

We are proud to launch a new fellowship program that recognizes a select group of scholars for their passion and commitment to the liberal intellectual tradition. Our new Fellowship for the Study of Liberalism and a Free Society will honor scholars with an exemplary record of achievements and contributions to advancing the principles of liberalism in academia and beyond.

This fellowship serves as a facet of the IHS Discourse Initiative, a series of conversations among scholars from across the ideological spectrum who believe that the liberal society is the good society.

The goal of the Discourse Initiative is to respond to illiberal and authoritarian top-down solutions through open dialogue within the academy. It is with this goal in mind, that these fellows will showcase their research and discuss their public intellectual work through a series of public lectures.

For the upcoming academic year, IHS has awarded four scholars as Distinguished Fellows: Danielle Allen, Harvard University; Peter Boettke, George Mason University; Jonathan Rauch, Brookings Institution; and Vernon Smith, Nobel Laureate.

Through their research, we aim to see a liberal society flourish, one that is just, tolerant, and pluralistic and in which individuals and communities thrive within a context of intellectual openness, peaceful and voluntary cooperation, and mutual respect.

danielle allen

We are excited for these scholars to join us on this intellectual adventure… This inaugural fellowship program is part of our larger commitment to liberal principles through open discussion both in and out of the academic sphere.

– Dr. Emily Chamlee-Wright

Additional works and research from the selected fellows will be featured on a variety of IHS platforms throughout the upcoming year, and will debut on a rolling basis.

For more information on our Discourse Initiative, faculty programs, and funding opportunities, visit TheIHS.org.

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