IHS Offers COVID-19 Relief Funding for Graduate Students as Part of Hayek Fund

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused significant financial distress for many graduate students. According to the Graduate Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) survey of those affected by COVID-19, 24% of respondents reported a “loss or reduction of income of other family members”, another 24% an increase in “spending for technology”, and 27% an “increase in living expenses” (Soria 2020).

Jacob Bruggeman

These hardships are especially acute among low-income and first-generation graduate or professional students, resulting in statistically significant disparities between class and income groups. In addition, some graduate students report a feeling of being overlooked as many fail to pay their bills or keep up with campus fees.

To mitigate the strain, our Hayek Fund offers financial relief for graduate students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s our hope to provide much-needed financial assistance to help elevate the research of classical liberal scholars, even in such uncertain and unprecedented times.

Jacob Bruggeman, graduate student of history at Johns Hopkins University, recently discussed his own experience receiving COVID-19 funding and how it reinforced his research goals.

IHS was unique in that it made available funds for students like me who needed a little research support during the pandemic. I would absolutely recommend that graduate students apply for the Hayek Fund.

The added technology costs, such as computer and software systems, are particularly relevant for graduate students who are teaching online courses as well. Similarly, since travel has been restricted, many graduate students are either postponing fieldwork or shifting the focus of their research.


This could create a greater demand for books and data sets, which can add unwelcomed costs in an already stressful and unpredictable academic environment. The Hayek Fund can help offset some of these costs which can ease the burden for many graduate students.

Visit our website for more information about the Hayek Fund, including the COVID-19 financial assistance available for graduate students.  

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