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In a joint effort with the John Templeton Foundation, the Institute for Humane Studies proudly launches our third Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) video module, “Justice.”

Comprised of four videos featuring Dr. Geoff Sayre-McCord, professor of philosophy at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, the justice module focuses on themes of the nature of justice, individual rights and justice, distributive justice, and more.

The fundamental question of “What is Justice?” is addressed in the first video. Dr. Sayre-McCord discusses Plato’s early theories and how the question of “what is rightfully whose?” became the fundamental basis for the concept of modern justice.

Justice and Individual Rights

In the second video of the module, “Justice and Individual Rights,” the concept of justice is viewed through the lens of “rights.” What does it mean to have a right and how do rights affect the obligations and duties of others? Dr. Sayre-McCord discusses different views of justice in terms of equality versus life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Video three delves into the tricky and debated subject of “Distributive Justice.” How is justice affected by the often unequal distribution of property, power, and opportunity? In addition, Dr. Sayre-McCord explores the idea that even though we are required to think deeply about the demands of justice, answers are not easy to come by.  

The fourth and final video investigates “Justice and the Law.” Dr. Sayre-McCord explains that justice requires an examination of laws based on their origin, content, application, and overall effect. There is a lot of interpretation of justice within these questions, leading to a wide array of justice systems. This is because—when it comes to property (including wealth and income), power, and opportunity—the question of what is rightfully whose is highly contingent on the circumstances in that society.

Justice and the Law

Working with leading PPE professors, IHS is creating 24 short videos that present broader, more nebulous PPE concepts in an easy-to-understand and engaging format for students. These modules allow faculty to use the videos both in and out of the classroom, pairing them with suggested readings and incorporating them into lesson plans.

Visit our PPE page for additional modules and more information on the PPE Video Series and Digital Curriculum Resources. New modules will be released on a rolling basis throughout the remainder of 2019 and into the spring of 2020.


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