Reasons Why You Need to Apply for the IHS Hayek Fund for Scholars Today 

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The good news is you have made it to graduate school, the bad news is you took a glance at your bank statement. And then it hits you, “How am I going to pay for this research project?”; “I don’t have enough to get to the conference.”; “Do I pay for groceries or someone to review my manuscript?” The Hayek Fund for Scholars, from IHS, grants awards to help alleviate these stress points, keeping you on track. Continue reading for even more reasons to apply.

Career support. As a grad student, you will be presented with a myriad of opportunities including publishing, collaborating with colleagues, and presenting your research. Getting your academic livelihood off on the right foot by taking advantage of those opportunities has a cost associated with it. The Hayek Fund is a conduit to these prospects.

The fund is open to faculty. You’ve made it onto the faculty. With this next step comes more responsibilities and a drive to continue your academic career journey. Those responsibilities include publishing, researching, presenting your findings, networking, teaching, and more. Using the Hayek Fund to aid in these endeavors is simple, quick and open to you.

Available when you need it. Hayek Fund grant requests are reviewed frequently. We make every effort to approve proposal submissions in an efficient manner, awarding the funds within two weeks of review.

Just what you need. You are not always seeking a grant for a year-long study, sometimes you need to go to a conference, access a data set or visit a library.  The Hayek Fund is an excellent source of awards for the amounts you need now. If you are interested in a longer-term, larger funding opportunity, IHS has several you might take advantage of, including our Humane Studies Fellowship and campus event funding (for faculty only).

Support for the classic liberal tradition. At IHS we value classical liberal ideas and strongly believe in intellectual diversity on campus. Far too often that tradition is underserved on campuses today. We believe in supporting scholars who champion these traditions, discuss them in their classrooms, and engage in activities espousing them.

In various ways, the Hayek Fund from IHS offers grad students and faculty assistance in getting to that academic next step. Applying for this funding is painless and you can begin the process by submitting an application to the Hayek Fund for Scholars today using the form below.

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