From the Bottom-Up: Emily Chamlee-Wright on Spontaneous Order

Emily Chamlee-Wright, president of the Institute for Humane Studies, recently delivered remarks on spontaneous order at FEEcon, the annual conference of the Foundation for Economic Education, in Atlanta. Chamlee-Wright’s initial exposure to the concept came from reading the work of Nobel Prize-winning economist F.A. Hayek early in her academic career. To her, it is fundamental to understanding how society functions, within a bottom-up approach.

“Spontaneous order is the idea that order within society—widespread social coordination and cooperation—comes about not by virtue of human design, not by top-down rational control, but from the bottom-up,” Chamlee-Wright says.

It is on this level that innovation thrives and positive social change happens. Chamlee-Wright also notes that we cannot know what problems the future will bring, but we can be sure that there will be solutions because of our history of and capacity for entrepreneurial discovery that stems from spontaneous order.

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