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IHS 60th Anniversary

Our History

Dr. F. A. “Baldy” Harper
Dr. F. A. “Baldy” Harper

When Dr. F. A. “Baldy” Harper founded the Institute for Humane Studies in 1961, his vision was to create an institute devoted to the research and exploration of human affairs that would foster freedom, peace, prosperity, and social harmony.

Dr. Harper believed that the principles of the classical liberal tradition—individual liberty and responsibility, limited government, economic freedom, the rule of law, free speech, and open inquiry—are the foundation of a more tolerant, pluralistic society, and a prosperous world.

With IHS now in its 60th year in 2021, we are proud not only to continue Harper’s legacy but also to expand on it.

Today, IHS supports and partners with scholars around the world through programs, events, and funding, to ensure that higher education is a place where these ideas are regularly taught, discussed, challenged, and developed.

Our Impact
Throughout these past six decades, IHS has been privileged to partner with scholars and champion the marketplace of ideas while providing and encouraging a space for respectful discourse. 

In this way, we assist scholars of all academic levels on their journey to become faculty members or administrators at colleges and universities, many of whom have been part of our network since their earlier days as graduate and undergraduate students.

Students attend an on campus event

Our history and our future are truly best told through our scholars. Their stories are a living testament to the impact of our work and mission. 

Throughout the year, we will be showcasing these stories and celebrating scholars who have a keen passion for intellectual exploration and the classical liberal tradition in the academy.

Visit our 60th page for full features, upcoming videos and interviews, retrospectives, photo galleries, and more as we share stories that have helped to advance the ideas of the good society.

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