The Isolated Presidency: The Institutional Logic of Constitutional Presidential Power

Presidential Power

February 2020, University of Virginia

Jordan Cash, a post-doctoral research specialist at the University of Virginia, met with five experts on political power to review his new manuscript on “The Isolated Presidency: The Institutional Logic of Constitutional Presidential Power.”

This program was the first IHS On-Campus Manuscript Workshop. An alternative to the typical Manuscript Workshop format, the On-Campus Manuscript Workshop brings four to six faculty and graduate scholars to the author’s campus for discussion around a manuscript.

Jordan Cash

The Manuscript Workshop sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies was invaluable in helping me turn my dissertation into a proper book manuscript. Through the workshop, I received exceptionally helpful feedback from prominent scholars from around the country that I would not have received otherwise.

-Jordan Cash, University of Virginia

In “The Isolated Presidency,” Cash describes how the Constitution provides significant agency to even the most isolated presidents through the institutionalized structure, duties, and powers of the office. Participants grappled with theories surrounding the American presidency as they provided helpful feedback to the author.

A Guide to Meaningful Change

This was a unique opportunity not only to review a promising young scholar’s work but also to engage in deep thinking with talented peers towards the formulation of new and expanded theories about the presidency and American politics. The event challenged all of us to think beyond conventional wisdom and outside the box.

-Richard Conley, University of Florida

Cash said that the On-Campus Manuscript Workshop structure allowed him to focus on internalizing and responding to feedback without needing to worry about any of the program logistics. “I would highly recommend the Manuscript Workshop for any scholar working on a new book,” Cash stated.

Dr. Jeremy Bailey, professor of political science at the University of Houston, noted that IHS Manuscript Workshops level the playing field for many junior scholars who have fewer opportunities to receive live feedback from experts on their area of research.

To learn more about IHS Research Workshops or other academic programs including funding opportunities, visit This program is made possible with support from The Marcus Foundation.

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