The Liberal Academy in an Illiberal Age

Illiberal times

Dr. Chamlee-Wright’s Op-Ed at Forbes

IHS President and CEO Dr. Emily Chamlee-Wright published an article on examining the tensions surrounding campus free speech at a recent Trump rally held at East Carolina University. After being criticized for providing a venue for the event, the university eventually responded with a statement defending the freedom of expression: “We encourage and welcome civil discourse on our campus. The U.S. Constitution allows the intellectual and individual freedom of expression that enables us to live our mission.”

Dr. Chamlee-Wright points out that while conflicts between inclusivity and free speech may seem irreconcilable, both recognize human value. When we affirm the inherent human dignity of others, we must also respect their freedom to express themselves — even when their words are offensive. We should react to troubling ideas, not by restricting speech, but by engaging in civil discourse.

You can view the full article here on the Forbes website. For more works on free speech and civil discourse, as well as additional writings by Dr. Chamlee-Wright, visit the Institute for Humane Studies website and blog.

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