The Power of Ideas

Ideas shape the world.

At the Institute for Humane Studies we believe that ideas within the classical liberal intellectual tradition — ideas such as the inherent dignity of every person, individual liberty, the rule of law, and freedom of expression — are a driving force of well-being for all people. We celebrate and support robust exploration, debate, and research of these ideas.

We believe that colleges and universities are special places where such exploration and conversations happen. For nearly six decades IHS has supported and partnered with thousands of scholars on hundreds of university and college campuses across the country, helping ensure that higher education continues to play an essential role in advancing intellectual discovery and human progress.

IHS Values and the Power of Ideas

Our belief in the inherent dignity of every person serves as a compass for all of our programs and partnerships. While we recognize that no person or organization is perfect, we strive in everything we do to promote and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to mutual respect, intellectual humility, integrity, and an enterprising spirit. We insist that scholars with whom we work and members of the IHS team share and exemplify these core values.

Based on these principles, we envision a world that embraces the spirit of pluralism in which people of different backgrounds and beliefs respect one another, live peacefully side-by-side, cooperate and trade with one another, and create a dynamic, open, and cosmopolitan society.  We envision a world where curiosity is met with openness, a willingness to explore new ideas, and the freedom to challenge those ideas in open and civil dialogue and debate. According to this vision, knowledge is advanced, solutions are discovered, and we make our way toward a more peaceful, prosperous, and humane world.

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