The Presumption of Good Faith in Campus Conversation

Good Faith in Conversation

An Overview of Dr. Chamlee-Wright’s Commentary

IHS president and CEO Dr. Emily Chamlee-Wright recently published a piece with Inside Higher Ed on the topic of good faith in conversation and debate, and the important role it plays in fostering open and civil discourse on college campuses.

In the piece, Dr. Chamlee-Wright touches upon a recent talk she hosted at Beloit College on Adam Smith and a poignant question a student posed to her about maintaining a respectful and positive conversation.

“Such an approach requires that we suspend judgment long enough to ask questions in a spirit of openness and curiosity,” Dr. Chamlee-Wright states on entering conversations in good faith. “The practice of good faith is not an obvious remedy. It’s a difficult discipline.”

You can view the full article on Inside Higher Ed’s website. For more works on free speech and civil discourse, as well as additional writings by Dr. Chamlee-Wright, visit the Institute for Humane Studies website and blog.

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