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How to Incorporate Our Free Video Series into Your Classroom

An emerging area of study for many college students has become the field of PPE, or Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. While the intersecting topics between these disciplines provide a rich vein for discussion, some theories can be quite complex.

IHS, with support from the John Templeton Foundation, created this Video Series and Digital Curriculum for faculty interested in teaching more complex concepts to an undergraduate audience. The series consists of 23 free videos, as well as additional resources, and features leading professors from the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics field while providing insights and bite-sized lesson plans on foundational topics.

Game Theory

The first module in the series assists faculty in breaking down the concept of Game Theory. The module features professors Jonathan Anomaly, University of Pennsylvania and Christopher Coyne, George Mason University. Together, they provide an overview of the theory and key ideas, such as the prisoner’s dilemma, or assurance games.

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Curriculum Resources


Professor David Schmidtz, University of Arizona, discusses a variety of theories surrounding the concept of Equality. He opens the module with a brief study of liberalism and equality of opportunity and engages students on the timely topics of wealth distribution, equal shares, and the social contract.


Opening with ideas from Plato, this module explores the origin and nature of justice. Professor Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill delves into individual rights, distributive justice, and the law. He addresses the concept of “who has the right to own what,” society’s duties and responsibilities with respect to a person’s rights, and how difficult it can be to approach the demands of justice given society’s competing claims.

How Markets Work and Fail

Professors Michael Munger, Duke University; Christopher Coyne, and Jonathan Anomaly give an introduction to the power of markets and the market process, the question of market failure and what the market can’t provide, as well as some prominent critiques of markets. The module leads discussion on the idea of scarcity, voluntary and non-voluntary exchange, and profit and loss.


Public Choice Economics

In this module, Professor Geoffrey Brennan, Australian National University; and Michael Munger discuss the concept of “rents” and “rent-seeking,” a discussion on the role bureaucracy plays with government and how that affects business, as well looking into the process of voting or how special interest groups affect public choice and the economy.

Markets on the Margin

The final module in our PPE series features Christopher Coyne, Jonathan Anomaly, and Michael Munger as they help students apply the lessons of PPE to consider controversial policy questions, including recreational drugs, price gouging, and foreign economic development.

Additional Materials

This video series is designed for easy use both in and out of the classroom. Part of what makes the transition seamless is the substantial amount of additional resources that accompany each video within the module.

Every video has materials that have been curated and selected by the featured faculty. These materials can be included in your syllabus to further illuminate a concept, or delve into richer discussion on a particular topic. They range from books to articles, and videos, to help engage students with foundational PPE topics. For more information on the Institute for Humane Studies, the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Video Series and Digital Curriculum, or additional faculty programs and support opportunities, visit our website.

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