Tips for Becoming a Summer Graduate Research Fellow


Each year a new cohort of top graduate student alumni of IHS programs receive invitations to participate in the exclusive Summer Graduate Research Fellowship.

After accepting their invitations, select graduate students convene in the summer for an opening and closing conference, where they meet with faculty mentors and present their research for feedback. The fellowship also supports the students as they take their research to the next level through a $5,000 stipend and access to a network of classical liberal scholars.

Gianna Englert, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Southern Methodist University, credits the Summer Graduate Research Fellowship (SuRF) program to her dissertation success.


Participating in SuRF allowed me to focus on research during one of my summers in graduate school. I was able to finish two dissertation chapters during the SuRF summer, one of which was later published as a peer-reviewed article that benefited from the feedback I received as part of the fellowship.

-Gianna Englert

Englert felt that the timing of the program aided in her progress on her dissertation prior to entering the fall job market. “I would absolutely recommend SuRF to graduate students, as there are few opportunities like it to take advantage of a few months of funded research.”

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