Applying to Graduate School

If you are interested in developing, teaching, and applying the principles of a free society as an academic, you might want to begin developing your strategy for applying to graduate school.

This playlist will give you some tools, resources, and support for:

  • deciding whether graduate school is right for you
  • finding the right school, program, and mentor to further your career
  • standing out as an up-and-coming scholar in the application process

First up: Prof. Michael Munger discusses whether a PhD program is a worthwhile next step for you.

Applying to Graduate School: Two Rules

In the next set of videos, Dr. Stephen Davies provides further advice on figuring out whether you’re ready to apply to a PhD program, selecting a school, and seeking out a mentor.

Signs You’re Ready to Apply to Graduate School

The Two Main Objectives of PhD Programs

How to Shape Your Research Agenda Before Applying to Grad School

The Single Most Important Thing to Consider When Choosing a Grad Program

Applying to Highly Ranked Programs: One Caveat

We hope you have found the advice provided by Prof. Munger and Dr. Steve Davies helpful. As you consider the next step of your intellectual and professional journey, keep in mind that you are not alone. The IHS community is filled with professors, professionals, and students—all committed to the ideas of free societies—who have made or are making similar decisions about their futures.

To learn about additional opportunities for your own intellectual growth and professional development and to see the scholarship our community is engaging in, visit the IHS blog.