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IHS connects a network of nearly 6,000 classical liberal scholars to opportunities with more than 50 different policy, media, and advocacy organizations.

By engaging outside of the University system, academics are able to spread their research and raise their profile while lending a scholarly voice to national, state, and local policy.

“I have been very pleased with the Find Scholars program. [They are] very attentive and get me expert sources quickly, which I really appreciate. Any interaction I’ve had with scholars has always been positive, too.”

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– Vance Ginn, Texas Public Policy Foundation

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Dr. Crofton is the Associate Dean for the School of Business and a professor of economics at Highpoint University. She is an expert in the fields of labor economics and economic history. She has done substantial work on how government regulations effect labor earnings and customer discrimination. She has also studied how minimum wage increases effect high school dropout rates among different ethnic groups. Dr. Crofton has won several Editors Awards for her research.

Dr. Crofton is interested in and understands the importance of working in public policy. She has done impactful work with policy groups including an economic analysis of North Carolina’s tax reforms entitled More Jobs, Bigger Paychecks.

Learn more about Dr. Stephanie Crofton.

Dr. Sobel is the Professor of Economics & Entrepreneurship at the Citadel and a Visiting Fellow at the South Carolina Policy Council. Dr. Sobel has authored or co-authored over 150 books and articles, including a nationally-best-selling college Principles of Economics textbook. His research has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, US News and World Report, Investor’s Business Daily, and The Economist Magazine. He has appeared on CNBC, Fox News, CSPAN, NPR, and the CBS Evening News. He serves on the editorial board for three academic journals, and on the advisory board for four university centers. He has won numerous awards for both his teaching and his research, including the 2008 Sir Anthony Fisher Award for best state policy publication of the year.

His recent research focuses in the areas of state economic policy reform and entrepreneurship. In the past year, Dr. Sobel has assisted in reviewing state based research and completed a research project for the Platte Institute on the best economic practices for states to follow.

Learn more about Dr. Russel Sobel.

Angela Dills is the Gimelstob-Landry Distinguished Professor of Regional Economic Development at Western Carolina University. She previously held faculty positions at Clemson University, Mercer University, Wellesley College, and Providence College. Specializing in the economics of education, crime, and health, her research focuses on policy issues such as school choice, accountability, peer effects, college quality, and alcohol and drug prohibition.

Her research has appeared in several top academic journals.  She lives in Sylva, NC with her economist-husband and three children. In the past year, Dr. Dills has been pivotal in assisting with the review of several research studies from state partners.

Learn more about Dr. Angela Dills.

Dr. Timmons is a Professor of Economics and the Director of the Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation at Saint Francis University. He is one of the world’s leading scholars on the effects of occupational regulation.

His research has been published in a number of top economic journals and he has published several policy pieces for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. His research has been cited in other scholarly journals, the popular press, by the White House, and in a Senate hearing on occupational regulation. Dr. Timmons has presented his research across the United States and in the United Kingdom and Italy.

He has also contributed several op-eds to US News & World Report, USA Today, the Tampa Bay Times, the Louisville Courier-Journal, and Nashville’s Tennessean.

In the past year, Dr. Timmons was a panelist at the State Policy Network’s Annual Meeting and has assisted with the review of several partner research studies.

Learn more about Dr. Ed Timmons.


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