Find Scholars

The Find Scholars program connects IHS’ network of classical liberal academics to opportunities outside the classroom, engaging academic talent with freedom-advancing policy, media, and advocacy organizations. We leverage academic talent beyond the university bubble, raising the profile of prominent freedom-friendly academics and lending a scholarly voice to national, state, and local policy.



Looking to boost your research agenda? Increase the quality of your publications? Find experts to speak at upcoming events? The Find Scholars program at IHS can connect you to a network of over 5,000 freedom-friendly academics, and provide personalized recommendations and introductions to the top academic talent for your unique program/event/organizational needs. Email to request a scholar, or to request more information on:

  •  Peer reviews
  •  Commissioned research, co-authors
  •  Speakers and panelists
  •  Research advisors
  •  Op-eds
  •  Media commentary
  •  Testimony



Want to leverage your research outside of the academy? Lend a scholarly voice to state and national policy issues? The Find Scholars program at IHS wants to connect with you! We help to connect full-time academics like you with opportunities in policy and media. If you want your resonate outside of the university bubble, contact to request an invite to a Policy Research Seminar or send us your CV to be considered for countless other speaking, media, and research opportunities such as:

  • Policy Research Seminars
  • Paid Peer Reviews
  • Commissioned Research
  • Speaking Engagements
  • IHS Program Faculty