IHS Mentoring

As you chart a path through graduate school and prepare for the academic job market, the support and advice of a more experienced scholar can be invaluable.

The invitation-only IHS mentoring program offers our undergraduate and graduate student program participants who are intending to pursue academic careers the opportunity to receive one-on-one advice from a scholar in the IHS community. Our mentors help students in a variety of ways by answering their questions, suggesting funding sources, providing feedback on research, offering publishing guidance, and supporting their academic job searches.

Students in the mentoring program have participated in IHS programs such as the PhD Scholarship, and IHS Summer Seminars, which you can learn more about below.

Attend an IHS Summer Seminar

IHS Summer Seminars will engage your mind and inspire you like no other college experience.

Apply for an IHS PhD Scholarship

Fund your PhD

The IHS PhD Scholarship awards $1,500 to entering and currently enrolled graduate students in doctoral programs.