IHS Resources for Applying to Graduate School

IHS is committed to helping you develop your academic potential. Whether you’re thinking about graduate school, or have already started the application process, we have resources to help in the success of your academic career.

The resources below will give you a glimpse of what to look for in a grad program, the ins and outs of the application process, and how find funding for your application fees.

Should You Go to Graduate School?

As an Undergrad on the cusp of graduating you are most likely feeling the same, somewhat foreboding question as every undergraduate before you: Now what?

Understanding Program Rankings

Finding the Right Academic Journal

Dr. Bill Glod discusses what you should be looking for in a graduate program to help you identify those which will best leverage your strengths and interests.

Applying to a PhD in Economics?

PhD in Economics

Economics at the graduate level is very different from the economics courses an undergraduate. Here are a few things you should consider before enrolling in a PhD program.

Funding Your Future

Graduate School 101

When it comes to advancing your academic career, there’s no doubt that funding plays a pivotal role in your aspirations. If you have a passion for advancing individual freedom, open markets, and civil liberties, IHS is eager to help you achieve your goals.