Case Study: Art’s Story

Art Carden is an IHS alum, and professor of economics at Samford University’s Brock School of Business. Prof. Carden first came in contact with IHS through a  Humane Studies Fellowship while he was a graduate student attending Washington University studying under Nobel Laureate Douglass North, and during that time he attended several IHS career programs.

Since grad school, he’s authored scores of scholarly articles in leading economics journals in addition to being a regular contributor to Forbes magazine and other publications.

Since then, Art has given back to IHS many times over—as a frequent faculty member at IHS Summer Seminars, a host for Learn Liberty programs, and as an IHS mentor to promising undergraduate economics students hoping to pursue a career in higher education.

Dr. Carden has expanded his ability as an educator of freedom’s potential even further through his popular Learn Liberty videos. The videos have been praised for their clarity and ability to bring the most esoteric economics concepts come alive for over 1.2 million viewers.

In recognition of his multi-faceted work to advance liberty as a teacher, mentor, and public intellectual, Professor Carden became the 11th recipient of the annual Charles G. Koch Outstanding Alum Award.