Case Study: Caitlin’s Story

In the summer of 2015, Caitlin interned with IHS but her story with IHS didn’t start with an internship. As an undergraduate at Marshall University in West Virginia, she took a double degree in political science and history.

She discovered IHS after her sophomore year while perusing the partner resources on the Young Americans for Liberty website. With her thoughts on the ideas of liberty still forming, she felt an IHS Summer Seminar that she could attend at practically no cost would be a great place to start her journey.

She attended the Liberty & Society seminar at Bryn Mawr College, which she described as an “entirely new experience that combined all my favorite aspects of summer camp with my favorite things about school!”

At the seminar she met inspirational professors who provided her with the tools to ask the kinds of questions she didn’t even know how to ask. She also made amazing friendships with other like-minded individuals in the freedom community from around the world. In fact, Caitlin formed a group with other women who named themselves “The Liberty Babes”—a libertarian version, she says, of the “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!”—a group she still meets with regularly.

Charged by the experience, she pored over the books she received from IHS to continue her education in philosophy and economics. And this summer she was an exceptional asset to the Digital Strategy team, helping out on social media, design, and other projects before she returned to North Carolina State University to pursue a master’s degree in communication.

Between political science, history, philosophy, economics, and now communication, you can bet Caitlin will be someone to watch as a promising future champion in the ideas of freedom.