Case Study: Josh’s Story

Speech Zones

Josh’s first interaction with the Institute for Humane Studies was the Learn Liberty Facebook page. As a Business Administration major interested in economics at Ole Miss, the posts about economics videos, memes, and articles really sparked his interest. After watching countless Learn Liberty videos, Josh was introduced to Learn Liberty Academy through its second ever program: “America’s Longest War: The War on Drugs.”

In the program, he watched videos with Prof. Angela Dills, interacted with other students attending the online program, and met a lot of people that had a profound impact on his thinking. After this first program, he registered for every subsequent program.

About six months later, Josh attended his first IHS Summer Seminar: Morality, Capitalism, and Freedom at Wake Forest University. As Josh says, “this conference broadened and deepened my views on classical liberalism. It was at this conference that IHS staff encouraged me to find a career in ideas.”

After the seminar, he continued to take Learn Liberty Academy courses and Online Academic programs focused on subjects such as building a resume. Many of the professors he met through IHS were willing to be a reference for job applications in the liberty movement, which came in handy when he applied for the Koch Internship Program.

Josh started working at the Institute for Humane Studies in September 2014. Since then he has worked on Learn Liberty Academy programs and summer seminars. “Not only do I get to do such important work, but I get to work around people that are passionate about ideas.”