Case Study: Tom’s Story

Tom W. Bell came to IHS through a summer seminar in 1988 and has been closely associated ever since. After completing a master’s in philosophy at the University of Southern California, he worked at IHS for a year as a program assistant before heading off to law school at the University of Chicago, benefiting from IHS fellowships, career programs, and mentoring as he earned his JD.

Initially he practiced law in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., but he jumped at the chance to enter teaching—not only as a law faculty but also at IHS seminars, where he has continued to teach summer after summer.

Through Learn Liberty, a project of IHS, Prof. Bell has produced a number of highly acclaimed videos and in 2014 he worked with IHS to create a successful online course (MOOC) on intellectual property and entrepreneurship. He is also a recipient of the annual Charles G. Koch Outstanding Alum Award.

Today, Prof. Bell teaches at the Fowler School of Law at Chapman University where he has been published widely on high-tech legal issues in scholarly journals, books, and popular venues like the Wall Street JournalL.A. Times, and CNN.