2020 Champions of Liberty

Help IHS Advance the Ideas of the Champions of Liberty

The Champions of Liberty depicted here are heroes of the classical liberal tradition who helped shape America’s history and spur economic and political freedom around the world. Their words and ideas continue to inspire the team at IHS as well as the many professors and students with whom we work.

Thanks to you, IHS is able to support thousands of professors across the country who are teaching, researching, and debating the ideas of a free society. By partnering with IHS, you are:

2020 Champions of Liberty
  • Cultivating a new generation of freedom-inspired professors who will drive positive change in higher education.
  • Ensuring a generation of students have the opportunity to learn about and engage with the most powerful ideas in human history—the ideas of freedom.
  • Protecting free speech, viewpoint diversity, and open inquiry on college campuses so students and faculty are free to explore ideas.

As IHS Chairman Emeritus Charles Koch, a modern Champion of Liberty, said of our work:

“IHS has a special and incredibly important position in the struggle for freedom and opportunity for all – working to ensure that the principles of a free society have a strong voice in America’s colleges and universities. This work is fundamental to everything that must be done to turn our country around.”
— Charles Koch, IHS Chairman Emeritus

Charles Koch, 2020 Champions of Liberty

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