Support the Institute for Humane Studies

Individuals and society thrive in a context of openness, voluntary and peaceful cooperation, and mutual respect. That’s why college campuses must serve as havens of open inquiry and civil debate, where free speech and the pursuit of knowledge flourish.

To make this a reality, IHS supports freedom inspired professors across the country who are working to advance intellectual diversity and civil discourse on their campuses, in their disciplines, and throughout society.

To help preserve the ideas of freedom, join us in this important work by investing in IHS today.

What we do:

IHS is well prepared to handle the challenges of the current academic year, and we have adjusted to meet the demands of our faculty partners and aspiring professors.

We are:

  • Significantly enhancing our online capabilities so that we can host all, previously in-person, programs online.
  • Devoting additional resources to research support for our faculty partners and aspiring faculty, to take advantage of their new situation.
  • Providing emergency funding for faculty to address recent challenges.