Support the Institute for Humane Studies

Support the Institute for Humane Studies

Good ideas light the way to a better world. With this inspiration, the Institute for Humane Studies envisions higher education as a place where the principles of freedom are regularly taught, challenged, and developed, and where free speech, intellectual diversity, and open inquiry flourish.

In these uncertain times, when higher education has largely shifted online, IHS is stepping up critical support for our faculty network to ensure they have what they need to continue their teaching and research. IHS is well-prepared for this challenge as we adjust our strategies in the weeks and months to come.

We are:

  • Significantly enhancing our online capabilities so we can adapt all in-person programs to online by the end of the calendar year
  • Shifting additional resources to research support, to take advantage of scholars having unexpected time on their hands
  • Providing emergency funding for faculty to address challenges that have arisen during this complicated time

To help us keep the ideas of freedom alive on campuses across the country, please join us in this important work by investing in IHS today.