Academic Leadership & Campus Policy Resources

If you are considering taking the next step in your career, or you have already begun the transition to becoming an administrator in higher education and you are looking for some guidance below you will find resources to assist you in this career stage.

Take the Next Step in Your Academic Career

Download your copy of “Crossing to the Dark Side” by IHS President and CEO, Emily Chamlee-Wright and Richard A. Wueste from Colorado Consulting Associates. “Crossing to the Dark Side” is a primer for the reluctant academic leader.

Framework for
Campus Free Speech Policy

This document provides higher education leaders with a basic framework to assist in proactively preparing campuses to address issues and controversies related to freedom of speech and thought.

Framework for
Campus Crisis Management

This framework can act as a how-to guide for academic leaders, providing practical, principled advice on managing speech-related crises that may arise on college campuses.